10 Funeral Home Realities You Should Know

Moonica Roger
4 min readOct 7, 2021


When it comes to a funeral home in Brandesburton, you must know about a few secrets that are known to most but no one talks about it. We all hold crematory centres with utmost respect and importance but there are facts that can be gruesome. Independent funeral directors are aware of most of these as they remain at the top. So why not discuss them to enlighten you more?

Let’s look into the facts to explore a new world which you may love or hate:

Don’t Make the Mistake of Advance Payment

Planning a funeral is all good but when it comes to advance payment, the scene shifts. There is no guarantee that a funeral home will remain in business after a year or two. Therefore, it is best to keep your hard-earned money safe separately. When the time comes, invest it in the funeral.

Skipping the Embalming Process is Okay

The embalming process proves costly. The transportation, preparation and embalming eventually add up. If you plan the cremation right after the death of your loved one, you can cut back the costs that accompany embalming.

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You Can Receive Affordable Caskets

Funeral homes offer expensive caskets that increase the cost of the entire ceremony. But you can skip this as there are affordable caskets available in the market. So why spend thousands of pounds for a casket when you can get it at a cost-effective rate? You may not find the bargain pieces in the display room but they remain in stock in storage or boiler rooms. Funeral directors may prevent you from taking a look at them but you must pursue to save a few bucks.

Want to be buried under a tree? Funeral Directors Might not Approve

When burial is concerned, the body must remain at least four feet deep to protect the root. This is an extensive process that is not considered as green as you deem it to be.

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Rubber Gaskets are of No Use

A common misconception is rubber gaskets slow down decomposition. But this is far from the truth. The gas and moisture get trapped inside which worsen the situation.

Look into how You Receive the Ash

Plain metal or plastic containers are fine to store the ashes. Keeping them in a temporary container is a common tactic that funeral directors play to convince you to buy an expensive urn.

Don’t Just Stick to a Single Funeral Home

Before your final selection, you must talk to a variety of independent funeral directors in Brandesburton. This restricts your scope of exploration and this may cost you more in the long run. Therefore talk to a list of funeral directors to choose the best.

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Recent Photos Work Better

Many offer decades-old pictures during funerals. But this is not something that helps funeral directors to prepare the body. Recent photos help when such a scenario comes into play.

Breaking the Bank is not the only option to Receive a Meaningful Service

A meaningful service can come even without costing thousands of pounds. Arrange an informal ceremony with the close family relatives which does not cost much. This makes the ceremony successful for the deceased and the invitees alike.

Funerals let us accept the sad truth faster. When we lose a loved one, our mind and heart do their best to convince us that it is untrue. A funeral helps us to realise the morbid reality that has stuck us hard enough. Grieving allows us to heal quicker and accept what has happened to us. The loved ones of a deceased get a chance to mourn about him/her and talk about him/her a bit more.

However, arranging a funeral does not end the grief. It is just the beginning. We recall the loved ones with all their qualities. Good or bad — they are now above the judgement. The bittersweet moments the friends and family have spent with them is what remains left behind.

A successful funeral arrangement is not easy. But when a funeral home in Brandesburton remains at your help, you do not need to worry how everything will turn out finally. To create a healing and meaningful funeral ceremony where independent funeral directors support you.