Advantages and Disadvantages of Pitched Roof in Nottingham

Moonica Roger
4 min readOct 6, 2021


A property is incomplete without a complete, effective roofing system. There is a wide range of roofs that we witness in different properties. However, pitched roofs are a common roof type that goes downward. Whether the slope comes from two angles or from a single ridge, this is a popular form of roofing system.

If a homeowner prefers a classic, country-side look, then there is no better option than a pitched roof. In simple words, this roof protects property from natural elements. They come in a wide range of styles and shapes. Whether you want a simple roof style or a more complex one, you can get all with pitched roofs.

Let’s explore the benefits and disadvantages of the pitched roof in Nottingham:

Thermal Insulation

As the roof comes with added height in the shape of a triangle, this improves the thermal insulation of the building. This makes the indoor environment comfortable throughout the year.

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Choosing the right roofing tiles in pitched roofs also lets you install solar panels that make your entire housing system sustainable.

Easy to Reuse Rainwater

Want to lead a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle? Pitched roofs allow you to get an effective drainage system. Just modify it and maintain it in a good condition.

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Wider Loft

As pitched roofs go upwards, it allows you more room in your property. Lofts are a crucial section in every house. Whether you want to turn it into a study room or a dressing room, you can enjoy the extra space.

Stays Longer

Pitched roofs are extremely weathered resilient therefore you can expect the roof to last longer than other kinds of roofs. A great example of this is the pyramid. The pitched roof of an architecture necessitates less maintenance than a flat one.

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Traditional Aesthetic

As many homeowners had spent their childhood in houses with pitched roofs, they offer a more homely vibe to the property. Who wants to just live in a place where you do not feel welcome?


Pitched roofs come in a steep and pointed shape. Therefore allowing it to stay longer requires the involvement of the best materials. When strong and good materials are in use, it is inevitable that the roof can tackle the changing weather better.

Simple Maintenance

Just with a visual inspection, you can reveal a lot about the health of a roofing system. Check the roof and beams closely to detect dampness if there is any. Also, take a close look at the flashing to identify signs of corrosion.

As now you are aware of the advantages of the pitched roof in Nottingham, why not get to know the downsides of it as well?

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This roofing system can be pleasing to the eyes but can break the bank. The complex design and requirements of premium materials make the roofs durable and strong. This costs quite a lot in the long run. The roof also needs a strong support system that increases the cost.

Not Feasible

No matter how earnestly you want a pitched roof, there are buildings that do not support this roofing system. And replacing a flat roof with a pitched roof also demands structural replacement of a building at times which can seem a financial burden.

Complex Design

When it comes to simplicity, a flat roof overshadows a pitched roof. You can decorate a flat roof in a multitude of ways. However, when a pitched roof is in play, the options become limited. People who love to decorate their houses can do a lot with flat roofs rather than a pitched ones.

Intense Maintenance

Flat roofs can do away with a lot less when it comes to following a maintenance procedure. However, the complex design of a pitched roof makes it crucial to indulge in an intense maintenance system which also proves costly.

When you are unsure about what to choose, talk to a team of experts who have been in the building industry for years. As they have already handled a variety of properties, they can guide you the best. Whether you want to remodel your property or just want to redecorate it, you can choose a pitched roof when top-notch roofing services in Nottingham are involved.

So talk to the professionals!