Reasons Why You Should Love Your Bathroom

Moonica Roger
5 min readSep 27, 2021


The Bathroom in any house is an integral part of the house that sees maximum footfalls throughout. Whether you have to get ready for work or relax the day in your pyjamas, the bathroom gives your much-needed me time. It sounds trivial that why you should maintain a good condition of your bathroom sets in Wolverhampton, but believe me, you will think differently after you have finished reading the article.

You should also note that, as your bathroom is used by many including your family members as well as your guests, it can harbour fatal disease-causing germs. Many contagious diseases like Urinary tract Infections or intestinal infections from E.Coli bacteria can be picked up from an untidy washroom. Hence, you should always keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. Do not procrastinate the task as cleaning is not as heavy as it sounds. If you maintain a cleaning schedule and deep clean once a week, then you can bid good riddance to all those unwanted diseases. You can even ask a reliable plumbing merchant in Wolverhampton to assist you to get a tidy washroom.

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Here are 7 unique reasons to love your bathroom. Just go with the flow and ENJOY!

  1. Pampering You Special: Had a very bad week of work? Or baffled with too many targets to achieve? Well, you deserve a day off then. Check your boiler in Wolverhampton as you do not want it to be a spoiled sport.

Fill the bath with warm water and bubble it up with your favourite bath foam. You can add a few drops of calming aroma oils to reduce the levels of stress. Peppermint oil, Lavender Oil, Ylang Ylang oil or Lemongrass oil have unique stress-relieving properties and are worth a try.

Want to make it more cinematic? Spread some flower petals in the tub, put on a music track and prepare a glass of wine.

2. Be your own Monarch: Sharing a roof is not easy. The job becomes tougher if you are a parent. It is impossible to avoid the pandemonium of voices and tantrums of actions in the house where sometimes you strive to make yourself heard.

But as every cloud has a silver lining, your bathroom is your sunshine on a gloomy day. If you want to readjust yourself or gather yourself from the pieces after a bad fight, then take an escapade in your bathroom.

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If your bathroom has the latest and trendiest bathroom sets in Wolverhampton, then it would be an added bonanza and a treat for your foul mood. You can adore your choice while slowly forgetting about the din and bustles outside.

3. All correct things hit the mind under the shower: This is weird sorcery that correct points never come to mind during an argument or a fight. But don’t be morose if you have missed the chance, think of a dramatic war of words instead.

Think about the incident once again. Collect all the points in mind that you have said and the reply you have got. Prepare a script with what can be said instead and Bang on! Come out of the bathroom with an attitude to conquer.

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However, it is never good to retain a fight unless it is the extreme condition that the opponent has put you into. Wash away the negativities with a warm water bath switching on the radiator in Wolverhampton. Life is too short to cling to a fight!

4. Score the highest point on your favourite game: Have you been addicted to a particular game but not getting the time and peace of mind to concentrate on it? Well, you can have a good chance in your bathroom.

But make sure that it is clean and sanitized; otherwise, you can catch a disease by spending too much time over there. You can take help from a plumbing merchant in Wolverhampton, to get a thorough cleaning of your washroom.

Whether it is Homescapes or Candy Crush saga, scratch your itch for mobile games in the bathroom. But, do not bolt for long in the rush hours while your partner has to go to the office or your kids to the school.

5. Release the pent-up emotions: It is integral to make your mind free from time to time. We all go through bad and patchy days when we seem to lose all hope. It feels like a stubborn pressure to carry on the shoulders and the glum covers our psyche.

However, in such scenarios, you should not leave the corner of optimism. Whether it is a breakup, a bad fight with your partner or the inevitable scenario of death, you are definitely able to come out of the distressful phase.

Empty your heart’s content in the bathroom. There will be no one to judge you there or criticise. You need to release the pent-up emotions and have a good session of catharsis. Make sure you put on a smile when you are out. If you still feel a persistent melancholy, you must visit your therapist.

6. Take Important Decisions: To take any important decision like pursuing a career, making a vital life choice or even proposing to your beloved confidante it is mandatory to have a peaceful mind.

A tranquil state of mind is impossible to have amidst the hustles and bustles of the house. Even if you are sitting alone in your room it is hard to get a blankness required to be filled up by the havoc decisions.

Instead, take the advantage of the time while you are alone in your bathroom. You can even have a private conversation behind closed doors. So, don’t wait to make a change with your bathroom sets in Wolverhampton as sole witnesses.



Moonica Roger