The Importance of Humanist Ceremonies in Dunstable

Moonica Roger
3 min readOct 11, 2021


Death is inevitable but it is the most difficult phase to accept. No matter how hard it is to cope up with the jolts of emotions, you must leave no stone unturned to plan a proper funeral arrangement. In the UK, the majority of the population has turned non-religious and spends their life without the delimitations and guidelines of religions.

Humanist Services in Dunstable is the appropriate choice to remember the deceased who was not religious. Humanist funeral celebrants cherish the lives of human beings themselves. Humanist services can also be a budget-friendly choice if you want to avert the extravagance of the typical funeral services.

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Here are the 3 most important facets that you can ensure if you choose a humanist arrangement.

  • Mitigation of the extra crowd: In the lifetime of the individuals, they come in contact with a lot of people. They make innumerable bonds, out of which some become dearer and some forgotten. When death strikes, no matter the closeness of the relationships, everyone expects to get invited to their memorial service.

Sometimes, so much crowd is gathered that the remembrance ceremony of the departed feels to be a trivial affair. In this scenario, if you want to go for a quiet and peaceful ceremony mitigating the extra crowd, you can opt for Humanist Services in Dunstable.

  • Carrying Forward a Humanist Message: Even after death, the most important notion that remains perpetually true is that, we all are human beings. Made of flesh, blood and emotions, an individual contributes much to society. Hence, after the individual deceases, their life should be accentuated mainly.
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The way they celebrated their life and the imprints they have left as memories should be highlighted in the memorial services instead of the extravagance of religious limitations. Here, it is the responsibility of a humanist funeral celebrant to spread the message of humanity and cherishes the individuals in particular. They normalise the notions of humanism and motivates the individuals to mark the important dates of their lives in their ways.

  • Avoiding the Hefty Costs Of A Memorial Service: Funeral arrangements are costly affairs in the UK. Though it sounds strange if you have not planned for your own funeral arrangements in time, then it can burn a hole in the pocket. Many funeral service providers do offer a convenient finance plan but it is not always possible to save for a funeral.

Therefore, Humanist Services in Dunstable can help you avoid the elevated charges of a proper sepulture. You can choose a suitable place for the memorial as per your budget and convenience. You can also select whether you want to go for cremation or burial. Humanist funerals are non-religious; hence you can decide what will suit you the best.

Humanist Services in Dunstable helps us move towards a sustainable future where human beings are kept in the centre of attention in every important moment of their lives. Hence, it is sagacious to move with the change and adapt to the new notions.